About Nick


My name is Nick Holmes and I am a professional dog trainer.

My love and compassion for dogs inspired me to help families train their dogs so that they could live together in harmony. I realized that I had a natural talent for understanding dogs, this and my love for dogs drove me to want to start training. I am certified with Animal Behavior College and I work for a Non-Profit Called Train A Dog Save A Warrior. I have been training in the Fresno Area since 2011 and I am trained to use a variety of methods to best fit your dogs needs.

I am a Balanced Trainer. No one method works for every single dog, that is why I take the time to learn what is going to be the best method for you and your dog to best train any command you might want to teach, or problem you might wish to solve. Nothing is too much to train, a dog is never too old, and a problem is never too hard. We can work together to best help you and your families needs to make your dog the best canine around!

My goal with anyone is to help them and their dogs live happier lives; and that more times than not requires a bit of training. My goal is to always: Help your pack, One paw at a time.


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